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Dr Villiers writes extensively on sense-making and its applications. A library of resources - free articles, interviews and ebooks - is available  on her selection criteria website.


Dr Villiers has written six books and produced a range of products in other formats.

Annís current books are:

  • How to Write and Talk to Selection Criteria, 6th edn
  • Gorgeous Daring Dames, How to grow in confidence, clarity & commitment

These are available on her selectioncriteria website where you can explore the shop .

Selection criteria website

Dr Villiers is nationally known for her work on government careers through her book How to Write and Talk to Selection Criteria,  6th edn.  Details of her services, products and resources can be found at her dedicated selection criteria website.

Daring Dames: Confidence building for women

A Daring Dame is a girl or woman who expresses her bountiful talents, chooses  to define who she is, builds strength from within, is influential, and has a keen sense of the possible. She is a work in progress, forever evolving. A Daring Dame:

  • is a confident woman who takes courageous steps, on her terms.
  • steps forward, speaks up, knows where she's going.
  • practices mindfulness and makes wise choices.
  • takes responsibility for how she interprets what goes on in her life and for her own well-being.
  • is willing to have a go.
  • believes that  her resources are unlimited and that she deserves abundance.
  • sees herself as a dynamic, successful human being on her terms.
  • has fun, is adventurous and creative, and laughs a lot.
  • is committed to growing, learning, stretching her boundaries.
  • she reaches-she  reaches up, out, over and around.

We can all be Daring Dames. When we need to take on something new or deal with some challenge, we have the resources inside us.

Too many women are held back from being all they could be, for want of a little daring. What's needed is a dash of clarity about what to do, confidence  in themselves, and courage to take the necessary steps. Spiced with this  daring, more women will speak their mind, take the job they really want, accept leadership nominations, say 'No' when they want to, try something new, step outside the borders of convention and other people's wishes, change the beliefs that limit their capabilities, and say 'I can' rather than 'I can't'. In short, they'll be a Daring Dame.

And the world needs more Daring Dames. Women who are willing to step forward,  rock the boat, have a say, take a lead.

To explore being a Daring Dame you can read Georgeous Daring Dames and free articles, or ask Ann to speak.