About Dr Ann Villiers
Mental Nutrition®

Dr Ann Villiers  is Australia's only Mental Nutritionist® and a sense-making specialist, focusing on mind and language practices that enable people to think flexibly, speak confidently and build quality connections.

Dr Ann Villiers is a professional speaker, workshop leader, career coach and author.

Ann has more than 20 years experience working in sense-making  roles including senior manager, marketer, corporate communicator, educator and author. Having guided teams through major strategic changes, enticed people to take difficult decisions and influenced audiences to change their  behaviours, she has figured out some of the mysteries of how we can take charge, tackle challenges and make things happen.

A wellbeing advocate and Positive Psychology practitioner who has studied with world renowned Positive Psychology movement founder Professor Martin Seligman, Ann would like to see us all paying more attention to the critical practices of how we feed and exercise our minds.

Ann guides people to achieve:

  • a deeper level of understanding of themselves and others so they can build connections, anticipate misunderstandings, influence and persuade.
  • greater insight into personal thinking practices and its impact on work performance.
  • stronger bids  for a new job or career change.

Ann's professional background

  • PhD (communication), BA (Hons), Dip Ed., Graduate Certificate in Career Development, Certificate IV in Training & Assessment
  • Professional Member (PCDAA), Career Development Association of Australia
  • Associate Fellow (AFAIM), Australian Institute of Management