Mental Nutrition - Thinking flexibly. Speaking confidently.
Dr Ann Villiers - Mental Nutrition

Dr Ann Villiers FCDAA is Australia’s only Mental Nutritionist, specialising in mind and language sense-making practices. Her books and articles are nationally recognised for demystifying selection criteria and explaining public sector recruitment processes.

Ann pioneered the concept of Mental Nutrition to capture the essentials of how we manage meaning and make sense of our encounters with people. Being mindful of our thinking and building skills in managing meaning are high-order capabilities vital for writing strong pitches, claim statements and responses to selection criteria, and communicating at job interviews.

Ann is a qualified career coach, writer and author. Her current work is preceded by professional speaking, public service management and academic careers.

Ann is a Fellow Member of the Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA). In 2019 Ann was awarded Life Membership of the Association, and in 2015 was awarded the CDAA President’s Award for Professional Leadership.

How to Write and Talk to Selection CriteriaThese links take you to Ann’s bio and contact details, and information about her career coaching services, free articles, and products, including How to Write and Talk to Selection Criteria (7th ed. Updated).

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